Hello, my name is Rafael Dias, aka "Toguko", I have been working as Telecom engineer in Telecom Industry for more than 10 years with experience in all aspects of data communications network, technical and economical planning, as well as technical and regulations consulting.

Today most of my work is to improve the way as my team work by using my programming abilities in VBA, Python + Django and SQL Databases, to automate and enhance complex engineering processes.

Although a Telecom Network engineer by profession, I do programming, technical writing and effective presentation skills are valuable in other engineering fields, project management and business analysis.

If you want to know more about me feel free to browse my resume at Linkedin, and contact me when you're ready to hear what he can do to benefit you.


These are some of my recent works:
  • Backend: Django, Django REST and Python
  • Frontend: HTML5, Typescript and React
  • Excel: Optmization and Automatization in Excel Worksheets made with VBA
  • I’m also engaged in collaborating with open source — check here:  GitHub

  • Ranking do Narguile

  • A social network and ranking website for Brazilians hookah lovers.
  • Stack: Python, Django, Jquery, Postgresql

  • One Base

  • A search system to get all information of many databases together in One Place.
  • Stack: Python, Django, Jquery, Postgresql

  • Excel - Linkedin Scrap Macro

  • A Excel Spreedsheet for scrapping the skills of users in Linkedin.
  • Stack: Excel with VBA Macros

  • Artesanato em Vídeo

  • A Learning Platform for handicrafts and financial autonomy for artisans.
  • Stack: Backend: Python, Django, Postgresql - Frontend: React

  • Rezool

  • A system to control your jobs application, rating companies interview process and recruiters behavior.
  • Stack: Backend: Django REST API - Frontend: React + Redux

  • Blog

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