Rafael "Toguko"
Telecom Specialist • Python Developer • Data Wrangler
1. I started my IT career when I was 15 years old
I grew up messing around and playing with computers. At 15 years old, I put an ad in a local newspaper and started to fix computers professionally.
2. First career change, and 10 years in Telecom
I changed from IT to Telecom after graduating in Computer Network. I got a Cisco CCNA certification and started to work for Oi S/a, a Brazilian ISP. First, optimizing network resources, setting up routers and switches on the O&M team. Later on the Project Managers team, I was responsible for implementing the expansion of the Backbone IP/MPLS and Broadband (xDSL and GPON) Networks, working together with multinationals vendors like Nokia, Alcatel, Cisco, and Huawei.
3. I managed complex projects/products
I Planned and controlled the budget for several projects, including one massive Telecom Project called PNBL (National Broadband Plan). We were responsible for covering the whole Brazilian territory with broadband internet, even remote areas served only with satellite connection.
4. I like to automate everything!
During my work at Oi S/a, I created workflows and automated several parts of our job with Excel spreadsheets with VBA, SQL, Python, PowerBI, Tableau, etc. Cutting process time and human errors, allowing my team to focus on what was important, not on the process.
5. I decided to move to Canada, life change!
I did one month of English exchange program in Toronto in 2014, and I fell in love with the city and decided to move to Canada. I planned and saved money for three years to be prepared to dive into this life project, so I sold everything I had in Brazil and moved to Toronto in 2018.
6. I bootstrapped one startup
I was hired to design and implement in 3 months the whole system for an e-commerce startup in the fashion industry. I implemented the Backend using AWS, Heroku, Atlassian Tools, and also the Frontend using Python with Saleor (Django/React).
1. I was a toy destroyer!
During my childhood, I was famous in my family as a toy destroyer. I was used to opening my toys to see how it works, and of course, I never knew how to assemble them again. Sorry, mommy!
2. My first video game was a Atari 2600
I was lucky to win an Atari that time; during the 80's was very difficult and expensive to get any eletronics in Brazil. So I played the same games over and over again. Sometimes I still play some River Raid, Enduro, and Sea Quest on emulators.
3. My first computer was a Intel 386DX
My first computer was an Intel 386DX Actually, truth to be told, it was a TK85, a Brazilian ZX81 clone, but it wasn't too useful at that time. Only after I got a PC with Microsoft DOS I was able to go deep into the microcomputer universe that I love so much.
4. I learned how to build a house
My father has the aptitude for construction, he can build a house from the foundations, and I learned with him. When I was growing up, I helped him build four houses from the foundation to the roof, including plumbing, electrical, and everything else. Before I got married, I bought a land lot, and my father helped me to construct my house.
5. I had a CyberCafe (Lan House)
When I was 22 years old, I got together with four friends. We bought 12 PCs, rented a small place, and started a Cybercafe called "Combat House" focused on games like Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, and later MU Online. At that time, I created my nickname to play Warcraft III on battle.net, and I still carry this nickname until today.
6. I'm a fisherman
I started to fish just to relax during the weekend, and that turns into a hobby. Now I know a lot about how to fish. I know how to do it from different environments, from the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean in Rio de Janeiro to the Ice Fishing in Lake Simcoe in Ontario.